“I believe that the work LVM supports is life at its best — to dream big,
work hard, and create the life that we want. And as a tutor,
I feel privileged and grateful to be a part of this.”

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you’d like to share,
you can make
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Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer tutor

Tutoring is a wonderful opportunity to make a real and lasting difference in someone’s life and to change your own life in unexpected ways.

LVM tutors are dedicated, patient, flexible and encouraging volunteers who create a positive learning environment where adults can thrive and learn without embarrassment.

Volunteers attend a 2-hour orientation and an 18-hour training before being matched to tutor for 2 hours per week for 9 to 12 months. LVM’s professional staff provides ongoing support and sponsors activities to help both the student and tutor succeed and achieve the student’s goals.

Volunteers must be over age 18 and have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

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Become an administrative volunteer or intern

Sometimes people would like to use their expertise to help promote adult literacy, but tutoring isn’t the best fit for either their interests or schedule. There’s still a way for you to help.

College interns and administrative volunteers have provided important assistance in fundraising, event planning, public relations, special projects, technology, student assessments, desktop publishing, graphic design, the resource library and general office support.

Administrative volunteering is flexible and provides valuable experience working in a nonprofit organization.

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