The journey to learn to read or speak English is
an inspirational story of courage, struggle, unexpected heroes
and American values. Hear the stories of LVM’s students.

Hear our stories

When she started working with her tutor, Anna could hardly speak or understand any English, had no job and no permanent housing. Now, she has a full-time job she enjoys that allows her to support herself and her daughter and her own apartment. She has even attained her U.S. citizenship.

“My name is Anna. I am from Vietnam.

When I came to the United States, I had class in Chinatown Monday - Friday but I didn’t understand the teacher. The class was big and the teacher didn’t have time for all the students. I didn’t know how to write or speak English before I came here. I came to the literacy volunteers in 2001. The first teacher I had was Kathryn. She showed me a picture in a book but I didn’t know how to talk about it in English.

The first time my tutor spoke English I didn’t understand anything. I could not read a letter. I could not write well. I didn’t know the 26 letters of the ABC. I didn’t know how to read. My tutor, Kathy, helped me write and learn. She would read to me and I would listen. I would remember what she said about how to read and speak. I had a tutor at the volunteer school. I learned a lot. I learned English. Now I can speak English and write. I’m so happy because I understand English.

I wanted to be a citizen but I needed help. The test was very hard with 100. I asked the literacy office to help me with the questions for citizenship. I did it! I passed the test. I am so happy because I passed. This was very exciting.

Now my tutor’s name is Trudy. She is a wonderful tutor. She shows me how to fill out forms for jobs. She helps me with reading and speaking. In the United States, if I don’t speak English or write, I cannot find a job.

I will never forget the literacy volunteers because my tutor helped me learn a lot of English. I keep them in my heart. I will never forget it here because English is very important. I want to learn more English.

I hope that 15 Court Sq. continues to help people to learn English. Thank you so very much!”