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When Brian came to LVM, he was unable to read menus, road signs or newspapers. With the help of LVM and the support of his family, he can now read newspaper articles and use the computer and the internet.
The Tutoring Has Changed My Life

“I started having problems with my reading in 7th or 8th grade. I felt as if no one saw the problem. I started to struggle in school. I left school in the 9th grade. The problems I had with reading was one of the reasons why I left school.

I learned about Literacy Volunteers after seeing a commercial on TV and it caught my attention. I liked the fact that it provided one on one tutoring.

What people do not realize is how difficult daily life can be when you have trouble reading. Before receiving tutoring, I could not pick out a card for my mom without help. I could not help my 13 year old son with his homework. I could not read road signs or menus. I had difficulty reading newspapers, instructions and strategy cards for PS2 games. I have been working with Jennifer for about 18 months. As a result, now, I can read all of these things and more. The other day, with the help of Jennifer, I read my first NY Times article about one of my favorite sports - wrestling. I am also now able to use computers as well as the internet.

My family has also supported my efforts to improve my reading. My son and I read together. If I get stuck on a word, he helps me. If he gets stuck on his homework, I help him. My girlfriend, Gina, also helps me. We do word finds and crossword puzzles together.

The program has given me a lot. I try to give back to the program by speaking to the new tutors during their training. I learned that I enjoy speaking to people about my tutoring. I was honored to be ask to speak to all of you tonight.

The tutoring is also helping me work towards my goal of getting my driver’s license. I know that with the tutoring, I will get my driver’s license.

I am thankful to the program because it provided me with a tutor to help with my reading. The tutoring has changed my life.”